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Our Story

A Journey from Maasai Warrior to Safari Visionary

Rooted in the rich cultural tapestry of a nomadic pastoralist Maasai community in Northern Tanzania, my life began amidst the captivating wilds of this land. As a Maasai Warrior, I was imbued with a profound connection to our environment and a deep understanding of the intricate balance between nature and culture. It’s this intrinsic bond and extensive knowledge that I, as the founder and driving force behind Northern Masailand Safaris, am excited to share with our clients.

Our Mission

Celebrating Heritage, Supporting Community

Northern Masailand Safaris was born from a vision to not only showcase the splendours of East Africa but also to make a meaningful impact. Our aim is to preserve and support the often-overlooked Maasai Orphaned Girls who face poverty and neglect. By intertwining tourism with purpose, we ensure that your journey with us is more than just a vacation; it’s a contributing step towards protecting and honouring our cultural heritage.

Portrait of Masai man in Africa

Embark on an Epic Tanzania Safari Adventure

Personalized Service

Experience tailored safaris designed with your preferences in mind. We prioritize your unique journey.

Expertise You Can Trust

Our team of Africa travel experts has firsthand knowledge of the continent, ensuring top-notch recommendations.

Passion for Africa

We share an unwavering love and commitment to the beauty, culture, and wildlife of Africa.

Your Desires Matter

Your dreams and ideas are our inspiration. We create personalized itineraries for your dream holiday.

Our Expertise
Crafting Unforgettable Safaris

As a Tanzanian registered, owner-operated company, Northern Masailand Safaris stands apart in its commitment to offering personalized and professional experiences. Whether it’s a wildlife safari, a photographic expedition, a cultural immersion, a mountain trek, or a serene beach holiday, our team of dedicated experts ensures an unparalleled experience.

Our Promise | Authenticity, Quality, and Preservation

Our safaris are meticulously designed to bring you authentic, memorable adventures. We operate with an unwavering dedication to quality service and value for money, all while conscientiously working to preserve the unique wilderness and cultures of East Africa. Each safari is not just a trip but a private, intimate journey of discovery – an exploration of new landscapes, people, and insights.

Your Experience | A Personalized Adventure Awaiting

Embarking on a safari with Northern Masailand Safaris means stepping into a world of awe-inspiring beauty and cultural richness. We invite you to explore our website, be inspired, and join us for a tailor-made adventure in one of Africa’s premier travel destinations. Your journey with us is more than a holiday; it’s a treasure trove of experiences and understandings to be cherished for a lifetime.

couple on safari in South Africa, Asian women and European men at a tented camp lodge during safari

12+ Years of Experience

Over a Decade of Expertise
With over 12 years of dedicated experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge to craft your perfect safari.

1500+ Satisfied Clients

Delighting 1500+ Clients
Our safari adventures have left a trail of more than 1500 delighted clients who have experienced the magic of Africa with us.

Exploring Diverse Destinations

Multiple Destinations Covered
We take you beyond boundaries, exploring diverse African destinations to ensure your safari is truly exceptional.

Handpicked Accommodations

Best Accommodation Selection
We meticulously select the finest accommodations, ensuring your comfort and luxury throughout your safari journey.

Welcome to Northern Masailand Safaris

Your gateway to an extraordinary safari adventure, where every journey is a step towards preserving the heart and soul of East Africa.

Meet Our Expert Guides

The Heart of Your Safari with Northern Masailand Safaris

At Northern Masailand Safaris, our guides are the cornerstone of a truly remarkable safari experience. Born and raised in Tanzania, they are not only expertly trained naturalists and passionate environmentalists but also native storytellers of the land they call home. Their unparalleled skills in wildlife tracking, deep-rooted environmental knowledge, and innate understanding of the local culture and history transform each safari into a journey of discovery. As your trackers, teachers, translators, and friends, they passionately share their love for Tanzania, ensuring that your time with us is not just a tour, but a profound and personal immersion into the heart of this wondrous land.